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Best way to handle unique column needs
My app is Astrology, it is not a business app, it's always single user and desktop, so the CPU cycles needed for auto increment are probably not a problem.. this is not mission critical or multi user or LAN or WAN, it's non of that, it's local, on a desktop machine, Mac or Windows, single user.. at home in peace.. so to speak :-)

To be clear: I have about 50 tables that already have an Integer Primary Key column which is an old column that was used to contain my unique key values that connect records in other tables, if these would assign unique values higher than the preexisting values in that column, I would be fine already, but I'm getting zeros back from fetches after inserts.. it appears the field is not inserting any number, rowid et al.. I'm not getting it back. 

So I remain with my problem, which my previous post makes clear. My data sizes in some tables reach a quarter million records, in most it's just a few thousand. 

If I am to add any column constraints such as auto increment or mumbleID I realize I have to recreate my tables correct?  I have to copy old aside, recreate, copy data back, delete unneeded copy, I have to do that to add these constraints correct?  Wish that alter table could do it but whatever. 

So before I recreate with mumbleId and auto increment just wanted to get one last reassurance that that is a good plan and find out what mumbleID means or does..