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Bug Report: Under some conditions NULL isn't NULL.
I was working on a project for an online course I'm taking and ran into a problem where NULL values resulting from missing rows in a LEFT JOIN weren't being treated as NULL values. 

It took me a while to conclude the problem was with SQLite, rather than my code. But I compared the behavior I was seeing locally using 3.33.0 with a cloud-hosted version using 3.21.0 and found that I couldn't reproduce the behavior with the earlier version.

I've done my best to show the problem, but I'm also near the limits of my present knowledge and skill, so I hope it is enough for someone else to run with, or let me know that it behaves as it should.

I've shared a static rendering of [jupyter notebook illustrating the problem](https://thinkish.net/files/2020/08/SQLite-Bug-Test-Case.html).

I've also made available a zip file of the [notebook and database](https://www.icloud.com/iclouddrive/0E6mEptsVbIBzBCS3Y-vIwD8A#notebook_and_database) I was working with.