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Compiling sqlite3 with readline support
How can I use `configure` to compile sqlite3 with GNU readline? If I run `./configure --help`, the relevant parts I see are these:

  --enable-editline       enable BSD editline support
  --disable-readline      disable readline support
  --with-readline-lib     specify readline library
  --with-readline-inc     specify readline include paths

I have tried every conceivable permutation of these, plus setting `LD_FLAGS` and `CPP_FLAGS` in the environment, and no matter what I try, sqlite3 is built either with editline support or neither readline nor editline support.

I much prefer GNU readline over editline. (Though editline is sort of okay.)

Any tips? I am on macOS, using macports, and I have GNU readline here:


If anyone on the list has successfully built sqlite3 on macOS with readline support, I'd like to hear how.