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shell's .load is pathSep picky (bug, now fixed)
[Check-in bc3bf7c6](https://sqlite.org/src/info/bc3bf7c6681a96bc) appears to be intended as a fix for the subject bug, but it does not work as intended.

The hunt for beginning of the DLL basename when SQLITE\_OS\_WIN is true now reads:

    for(iFile=ncFile-1; iFile>=0 && ((c=zFile[iFile]!='/')||c=='\\'); iFile--){}

This has two problems: (1) The search should stop, rather than continue, when the usual Windows path separator '\\' is found; and (2) the value of c becomes the boolean result of the comparison to '/', which is always false when the comparison to '\\\\' is reached thus being equivalent to 0=='\\\\' for that test.

The intent of that code would be better expressed with this replacement:

    for(iFile=ncFile-1; iFile>=0 && (c=zFile[iFile])!='/'&&c!='\\'; iFile--){}

I have built and tested both versions with these shell commands, (where the shell executable is not located in /Bin), with results as noted:

  .load /Bin/natsort
  .load \\Bin\\natsort sqlite3_natsort_init
These two succeed for all versions.

  .load \\Bin\\natsort
This fails with "Error: The specified procedure could not be found." for check-in bc3bf7c6 (and earlier versions) and succeeds with the proposed replacement.