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extension-functions.c - pre-compiled Windows Binary
> The first is GUI, huge, and complicated,

*Edit: I thought I was answering a question about how to compile Fossil,
not SQLite.  I'm on the wrong forum.  Sorry....*

I'm sure it has all the GUI bloat in it.  But does it not also have the
"nmake" and "cl" commands, which are all you really need to do a build?
I do the 64-bit windows builds [on the website][1] using VS2015.  In a
command prompt window, I type:

   nmake -f Makefile.msc FOSSIL_ENABLE_SSL=1 clean fossil.exe

No GUI ever gets involved. I don't do GUIs.
See the [Release Build How-To][1] wiki page for details.

[1]: https://fossil-scm.org/fossil/uv/download.html
[2]: https://fossil-scm.org/fossil/wiki?name=Release+Build+How-To