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Quoting is hard
> it took over a minute of poking at my touchscrren because text is microscopic

Try pressing and swiping on the space bar on your on-screen keyboard. With iOS and *some* Android setups, this moves the cursor with finer control than you get with simply poking at the screen directly.

If you're on a device without this affordance, there may be alternate methods.

> Add some left/right margin to the textarea

It's purposely minimized because mobile usually equates to "small screen," thus real estate is precious.

> Have a dedicated "quote" function in addition to "reply" which will quote the message in full for easier editing

We have experience with what happens when you do that from email: many people leave the whole message quoted, thus including a redundant copy in each reply.

And those that *do* trim quotes have to do the work of trimming the quote, which is more work than selecting the one bit you actually need and copy-pasting it.

Given that Fossil's forum feature makes it basically impossible for a reply to become disconnected from its parent, there is no need for full quoting as there is in email. You can always refer directly to the parent. Quoting is simply a convenience in this medium, usually only needed when replying to a multi-point parent, as in this case.

When there is only one major point in the post you're replying to, quoting isn't needed in a Fossil forum at all. If the reply doesn't seem to make sense on its own, you can just go look at the parent and be enlightened.