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C/C++ API: Is it posiible to clone database connection?
> Assume the app has 2 tabs and therefore two connections in the pool. In first tab user writes attach database a.sqlite or pragma synchronous = 0. He will expect that these changes will be applyed to both tabs.

This must be a pretty stupid user to have such unrealistic expectations.  In fact, I would posit that "dumb as a stump" applies and that such a person is totally unsuitable to be using a computer and should pack it back in the box, take it back to where they bought it, and ask for a refund.

 >  But there is no mechanizm to sync them. And that is why I can't use "by using common code to get connections to the configuration you want".

Just as when you have a garage with three bandsaws in it there is nothing which will magically "transport" the setting you make on one of them to another of them sitting by its side.

The problem exists purely in your own imagination or the irrational expectations of others (or perhaps you perception of those others unreasonable and illogical expectations).  You should stop doing that.