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[SOLVED] Getting SQLITE_LOCKED where SQLITE_BUSY is expected
> Perhaps the CLI application can be modified to display the extended error code as well as the text. ...

This seems like a good idea to me, and fairly simple to implement.<br>
(Edit resulting from discussion with dev team:)<br>
Although it's a feature change, it is trivial enough to be included in v3.37 (unless my perception of triviality is way off.)

> Also, could the word Error: be augmented to indicate WHERE the error was detected: `Error during Prepare:` or `Error during Step:` if it can be determined whether the error was detected at PREPARE or STEP time (though it is noteworthy that errors can already be distinguished because there are very few errors that can occur at BOTH places rather than only one).

(Correction via edit regarding silence upon stepping error:)

At present, any error returned from sqlite3_step() is treated as the end of stepping, then reported like others. Given the potential locking issues raised in this thread, indicating this also seems worthwhile.