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3.25 math functions vs. extension-functions.c
> I guess that then the math functions of `extension-functions.c` override those that have been added to the Sqlite core in version 3.35 and higher.

Yes, and usually this does no harm, because most functions with identical names deliver identical results.

> Presumably there is no significant difference between them, and this is fine.

Unfortunately there is a small subtle difference: the `log` function computes `log10` (base 10 logarithm) in the _SQLite Math Extension_, but `ln` (natural logarithm) in the _Extension Functions_. For a full comparison see [SQLite Math Extension vs Extension Functions](https://github.com/utelle/SQLite3MultipleCiphers/issues/22).

For my own project I adjusted the code of the _Extension Functions_ module to peacefully coexist with the new _SQLite Math Extension_, favoring the latter implementation, if both extensions are enabled.