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Feature Request: Create *unique* index that's also "covering" extra columns

Feature Request: Create *unique* index that's also "covering" extra columns

(1.2) By ddevienne on 2020-04-23 09:31:01 edited from 1.1

SQLite can create non-UNIQUE covering indexes, w/o any additional syntax,  
but I thought there was also explicit syntax for that, but looking at [the doc][1] it  
seems I was wrong.

Therefore, it appears to be impossible to create a **UNIQUE** covering index,  
the way it's possible in [PostgreSQL][2] using the following syntax:
CREATE [UNIQUE] INDEX ... ON tab(cols...) INCLUDE(extra_cols...)

Any chance this can be added to SQLite? I suspect all the internal machinery  
exists, with existing non-unique covering indexes, and without-rowid tables,  
the only difference is that the uniqueness is enforced on a prefix of the  
index's column(s) only.

This would bring parity between SQLite and PostgreSQL, always a good thing,  
and allow to optimize queries to avoid index **and** table IO. Which is exactly  
what I was trying to do, and discovered I couldn't in this case. My $0.02.

Here's my exact use case, FWIW:

  cat int NOT NULL,   -- category / kind
  idx int NOT NULL,   -- enum numeric ID
  txt text NOT NULL,  -- enum textual ID / name
  [other columns...], -- additional "payload" columns
  PRIMARY KEY (cat, idx)

CREATE UNIQUE INDEX enum_by_txt ON enum(cat, txt) INCLUDE(idx);

I.e. equally fast *single-IO* access by (cat, idx) or (cat, txt).

The `enum` table and its index are mostly read-only, with writes  
being append-only. Other tables will have FKs to (cat, idx), while  
outside queries will join on those tables via the `enum.idx` table   
but bind *textual IDs*, thus need `txt` to `idx` translation.

[1]: https://www.sqlite.org/lang_createindex.html
[2]: https://www.postgresql.org/docs/12/indexes-index-only-scans.html