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cannot create tables in sqlitestudio than other apps can see
(This not specifically to Simon. It is more on where this thread has gotten and is going. And I do not think Simon needs instruction on topicality.)

This forum is not about how to specify a file by pathname on the Windows OS. It is about SQLite and its usage. It is fine, friendly, and in line with that topic that people who have run into various programming difficulties while using SQLite will often get tips that are not really about SQLite except in the most tangential way. But when such difficulties and help stray well away from SQLite-related issues, the discussion is no longer on-topic for this forum.

It has become apparent that the OP needs to learn how to use pathnames on Windows. This is fundamental and not a SQLite issue. In the spirit commonly exhibited here, (to contributors' credit), I recommend to the OP: Study <u>[Microsoft's explanation of Windows pathnames](https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/standard/io/file-path-formats)</u> to see how the pathnames you pass into the SQLite API or one of its wrapper libraries will relate to files located in a Windows filesystem. This is not the place to be getting a tutorial on that subject, whether all at once or bit-by-bit-by-bit... as is happening here.

To others, I would ask that the OP be firmly encouraged to go to more appropriate places for instruction on non-trivial non-SQLite problems. Most contributors here are or want to be helpful, and most hesitate to post anything that might offend. But we should not allow such nicety to degrade the utility of this forum for people who come here with actual SQLite-related issues.