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Note that you can also request assignment of a dedicated (static) IPv6 /64 subnet from Linode rather than using the "default" IPv6 subnet assigned to the cluster (and thus other hosts).  While this /64 is still assigned from the overall /32 delegation to the same Linode ASN from ARIN, it is not shared by other Linode customers.

This means that things which track access based on the network part of the IPv6 address (the /64) will see you only and not other Linode customers on this subnet -- this includes almost everything (although it is in the same ASN, only very limited DNSBL list entire ASNs, most work at the /64 (network) prefix level).

I did this way back because RIPE was returning unexpected access errors and it turns out they (and a lot of others) track by /64 and access was being impacted by other Linode customers on the shared network segment.