SQLite Forum

Forum emails are all going to the SPAM folder
> I email outlook.com and they said that I need to add the
> address of the forum to my address book, but, the problem
> is that every email has a different address like
> noreplyxxxxxxxxx@sqlite.org

You could try to add the envelope-from address  root@sqlite.org
to your address book. That address is the permitted sender.

I don't know about outlook, but my email provider recognizes the SPF :

Received-SPF: pass (filter02asd2.se.isp-net.nl: domain of sqlite.org designates as permitted sender) client-ip=; envelope-from=root@sqlite.org; helo=sqlite.org;
X-SPF-Result: filter02asd2.se.isp-net.nl: domain of sqlite.org designates as permitted sender


Kees Nuyt