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Compiling without the amalgamation process
Umh... you're right actually. I re-did it and it worked. I'm not sure exactly what I did wrong the first time. For reference, I ended up using 

make -f Makefile.linux-gcc

Instead of just `make`. 

I've got a follow-up question if that is alright. I'd like to write my implementation in C++ instead of C, is that possible? I naively tried to replace `gcc` by `g++` in `Makefile.linux-gcc` but G++ is not as happy with the code as GCC is. The first error I have (of many) is the following, which I'd say comes from the more restrictive type system of C++:

shell.c:643:15: error: assigning to 'char *' from incompatible type 'void *'
      zLine = realloc(zLine, nLine);

The thing is as far I as can see, all SQLite code files do have the necessary 

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {

So I don't know what's the cause of these issues.

Thanks again.