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memory vs mmap
Sorry, I didn't spell it out properly.

Let me try again.

Would you expect a file in ramdisk, perhaps just after a copy to /dev/null, WHEN OPENED WITH PRAGMA MMAP, to be near-identical speed to the malloc() (ie :memory: followed by "restore from") because it goes through identical Sqlite code and accesses identical in-physical-RAM memory?

Note - this is a question about Sqlite - :memory: vs mmap pointer to file ON RAMDISK. I think it is on-topic, as it is about Sqlite internals. I want to confirm the identical codepath. ie identical xFetch or whatever calls.

If Sqlite is identical in all its calls, then yes, the only thing left is to find out if there is a way to speed up mmap at the OS level (which is then off-topic and I will pursue elsewhere).