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update-from on without rowid virtual tables
Reading https://sqlite.org/c3ref/vtab_nochange.html and https://sqlite.org/vtab.html#the_xupdate_method would suggest that you might need to query sqlite3_vtab_nochange() in your xColumn function and, if it returns true, refrain from setting a value, which will, in turn, force sqlite3_value_nochange() to return true for that column.

Remember that the arguments to xUpdate are:
- old rowid/primary key
- new rowid/primary key
- list of field values

If you are already handling sqlite3_vtab_nochange() correctly, then the "not changed" NULL value seems to be getting lost between generating the xUpdate arguments (Instructions 19-26 in the second code listing) and actually calling xUpdate (Instructions 30-35), i.e. in the internal "work to do" table.

BTW: Note that Instructions 19-20 attempt to call xRowid in the first listing, but are replaced by retrieving the primary key in the second listing.