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Compiling FILEIO.C
> Thanks for sorting it out.

It either needed fixing or an apologetic/caution against using it like the other extensions in just one context. Fixing won.

> I'm curious: why aren't compiled extensions ... included in the downloads? Especially FILEIO.DLL as it is built-in SQLite3.EXE but omitted in SQLite3.DLL.

The SQLite library is the main, supported product here. That is what is made conveniently available at the download page.

SQLite.exe and SQLite.dll differ more than how they are (normally) loaded. The former is the CLI shell, an application which uses and is linked against the library. The latter is just the library. There is much in the shell, including other extensions, that is not compiled into the dropped library images.

The extensions tend to be much more stable than the library and the shell. And they have less usage (I surmise.) So it is not evident that publishing binaries for the extension set across the supported platforms is worth the extra clutter on the download page and extra work required to create them. This could change some day, but nobody should hold their breath until then.