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Database WAL snapshot
That makes sense Keith. But coming from an Oracle background using  
OCISnapshot, the fact that when an SQLite's connection's "visibility"  
is entirely in the DB file and not a mix of DB and WAL file, makes  
`sqlite3_snapshot_get` *break down*, that's a real bummer.

The point of using snapshots across connections is typically to achieve  
some kind of read-consistent parallelism, at least in my experience, and  
having a full-checkpointed DB, for a read-mostly DB, is kinda the normal  
and most common case, so `sqlite3_snapshot_get` NOT supporting that case  
makes it way less useful that I thought it would be, from my Oracle usage  
of the same functionality.

I was actually planning on doing it with SQLite too, so that's a real bummer to me.