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BUG: Wrong line endings of shell.c prevent debugging on Windows
Please excuse this interjection if it is too blindingly obvious.

There is no Git repository for which the SQLite developers take responsibility. The [official project repository page](https://sqlite.org/src/doc/trunk/README.md) has a link to Fossil, the DSCM tool which is used for the project (and was developed for it.)  I think that if you can trace your difficulty to something in the Git settings for that tracking project, its maintainers might be interested in fixing what they have done or in documenting the appropriate Git user settings for their repo.

You might also consider using [Fossil](https://fossil-scm.org/fossil/doc/trunk/www/index.wiki) for the SQLite project. You will spend less time trail-blazing that way, and you may well find Fossil a pleasure to use.