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Newbie question: Decision for database model
> (Horrible solutions are about to arise! :-)))

There are a great many folks here whom absolutely delight in discussing, exploring, rehashing, and in general, faff about optimal and best ways to do things - and rightly so, it is fascinating how many seemingly insignificant things really do matter.

Please do some reading on the matters, but keep posting your questions for any and all things not fully comprehended, and we'll happily answer/explore them with you.

Moreover, old salts here don't really know what it is like to be a "newbie" to DB design these days, and we don't get to make up topics here, only answer them (though we stretch that grant significantly most days). This means your questions will probably be in the hearts of many other people who do not post, but do read this forum, so your questions about those "horrible solutions" (and anyone else's that might read this) are very welcome.