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Precompiled sqlite3.dll with sqlite3_user_authenticate
I'm afraid it's user authentication, not encryption. I'll paste a part of the above doc here:

> Activate the user authentication logic by including the
> ext/userauth/userauth.c source code file in the build and
> adding the -DSQLITE_USER_AUTHENTICATION compile-time option.
> The ext/userauth/sqlite3userauth.h header file is available to
> applications to define the interface.
> When using the SQLite amalgamation, it is sufficient to append
> the ext/userauth/userauth.c source file onto the end of the
> amalgamation.
> The following new APIs are available when user authentication is
> activated:
> int sqlite3_user_authenticate(...);
> int sqlite3_user_add(...);
> int sqlite3_user_change(...);
> int sqlite3_user_delete(...);
> With this extension, a database can be marked as requiring authentication.
> By default a database does not require authentication.
> The sqlite3_open(), sqlite3_open16(), and sqlite3_open_v2() interfaces
> work as before: they open a new database connection.  However, if the
> database being opened requires authentication, then attempts to read
> or write from the database will fail with an SQLITE_AUTH error until 
> after sqlite3_user_authenticate() has been called successfully.  The 
> sqlite3_user_authenticate() call will return SQLITE_OK if the 
> authentication credentials are accepted and SQLITE_ERROR if not.