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SQLite Binary Log support!
Thanks for the tips, and yes I has study the BedrockDB and RQLite.

Correct me if I am wrong, I think RQLite is not suit for the job. It is not a library solution and have poor performance, and you must use it with RESTful API. And it is hard to dispatch Stored Procedure as one log entity like BedrockDB plug dose.

My idea is come from BedrockDB great design. But BedrockDB is too heavy and not a library solution like DQLite. And it limit into linux X86 platform.

BedrockDB is CPU/Memory hungry and rely on NVME SSD raid with Memory-mapped file, and the design reply on lock cross multi thread.

With Binary log entity you can use memory DB handle, and late you can switch to on-disk mode with exclusive lock if your DateBase is too big.  If you are in single thread mode like NodeJS, you can disable lock and dispatch huge read query into slave node. 

Binary log entity also can be used for audit, time travel.

The idea is to provide a function can be used for multi goals.