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What is the poll frequency of `sqlite3_busy_timeout`?
>     sqlite3* db = sqlite3_open ....
>     sqlite3_busy_timeout(db, <value>);
>     sqlite3_busy_handler(db, sqliteDefaultBusyCallback, db);

Note that the call to sqlite3_busy_handler in this recipe is redundant -- sqlite3_busy_timeout is implemented via a call to busy_handler:

SQLITE_API int sqlite3_busy_timeout(sqlite3 *db, int ms){
  if( ms>0 ){
    sqlite3_busy_handler(db, sqliteDefaultBusyCallback, (void*)db);
    db->busyTimeout = ms;
    sqlite3_busy_handler(db, 0, 0);
  return SQLITE_OK;

To try and clarify the OP's understanding - sqlite invokes the busy callback as soon as a lock cannot be obtained, and it's up to the callback whether to sleep, update a GUI, abort immediately, etc etc. The busy_timeout mechanism is just there to provide a convenient default callback - if an app provides its own callback then the busy timeout is irrelevant.