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How to free max heap size on execution of sqlite query using sqlite3_exec?
> How you can tell this is memory leak?

In just the code you posted, I see one likely memory leak. If errMsg is set by that sqlite3_exec() call, it is never freed by anything you show.

> I am simply run sqlite query using sqlite3_exec() in c.

> I hope you get understand the example std::stringstream sql;

I have written enough C++ to know that there is no need to extract a std::string from a std::stringstream when its only use is to get its content via c_str(). This cavalier approach to allocation makes me suspect those parts of your code that are not shown.

> \[big glop of code ...\]

I'm not tempted to try to run that code fragment because I would have to create a lot of scaffolding around it; it's duplicative; it relies on a schema I am too lazy to infer; and I do not yet see any evidence or substantiated claim that an actual memory leak is occurring. What do sqlite3_memory_used() returns versus number of queries run look like? Does that function resemble a line with non-zero slope as the program keeps running?