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Database on android SD CARD
This is correct...
The name of the package escapes me at the moment, but it had a folder with three files


So from what I understand the version I got is the CLI version
However if there are dependencies that i'm missing, I'd love to know about it. 

Some things I found since my last post:

I found somewhere that Android has a separate user for every application. 

So that means that if I want to execute the file under the user permission, it needs to be owned by shell app ? 

I also read somewhere some people are getting success with changing a linux file to linux_file.exe on SD card so that the SD card recognizes it as executable. Even with the EXE extension, some files are running properly. 

I have yet to test it but I was considering using something like:

using cat to read sqlite3 and save it to a new file called sqlite3.exe. Hopefully this would accomplish two things at once:
make a file that's owned by shell and make a file that the SD card is recognizing as executable. However if the ownership happens as i'm hoping, I wouldn't need to rename it to exe. 

Another thing I don't know is if each instance of shell would create its own user, meaning I need to do all my shell commands in one session? 

I suppose I could do two different sessions and see if the file ownership is the same. 

I ran into another roadblock on this application so It took me away from this issue, but I appreciate all those who have posted here so responsively, thank you for all your support / engagement on this!