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SQLite 3.33.0 beta-1
>  This allows a faster check if you are interested just in whether the database file does, or does not, have faults.

This is incorrect.  If the database has no errors in it, then specifying a value of N (any value) does not make any difference in the length of time that will be consumed to determine that no errors exist.

The value of N limits the number of errors reported, so in a database that contains multiple errors the value of N does not have any effect on how long it takes to check that database for errors, merely once having found that there are errors, how many of those errors are reported.

While it is quite possibly true that for a database containing 47 errors which takes 5 minutes to scan and detect all of them, that you might be done reporting 5 errors after only 3 minutes, the number N does not "allow a faster check" -- it merely sets the number of error messages after which one "throws up hands in disgust".