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Bug ? Same query that works in shell produces constraint violation when run by a C program with sqlite3_{prepare,bind,step}
Thanks, Larry -
RE:>  (Not the problem you report but:) 
   >  Your bind_text call appears to include the "+00:00" part

Yes, the '+HH:MM' Timezone offset is part of the ISO 8601 standard format that
strftime claims to support, and which the server my code receives the
the timestamps from produces them in.

No, I am not using any $my_table parameters in the actual query.

I did try using .param in the shell, and that does work OK .

But see the my last comment - it includes a complete program that
compiles and runs fine under Linux, but under Windows, the 
    strftime('%s', ?, 'utc') + ?
call is ALWAYS returning NULL .