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Feature request: Stored Procedures
My example of UDF (user defined function) was just to show how I mimic stored procedures. My implementation is more like an UDF than stored procedure or function because I still need to use the select statement or an other expression consumer. However, what was important for me -to put this effort into such a small set of extension functions- was that big portions of logic were required to be handled. Let's say: My application get data from various sources (text formatted and blobs), inserted into one table and has to schedule different actions based on them. My application has to run uninterrupted for years. By putting the logic into the database in form of triggers enabled to do that without interrupting the operation; enabled also to improve the logic for some data formats while the scheduler for the others were not affected. "SQL injection as a feature." (I am using a controlling input pipe for this).

It is possible to load extension .so/.dll files - but how can they be unloaded or updated/replaced on a permanently in-use db connection? This is OS dependent if possible at all, I guess.
With triggers this is very easy, you can simply drop them and create a new one - even both within one transaction, which makes sure that the rest does not get disturbed and even the next message can use the updated logic without getting lost.

For me the main benefit for UDF or Stored Procedure is the **parameterization**. If a view could be called with parameters, that would be almost what was in my mind from the beginning.

My implementation cannot **generate table results**, which a stored procedure (called with parameters) might be able to return. That's the main difference and where I see the benefit.