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Performance issues with query parameters vs. static strings
My take on this:

* Since we moved to the forum, we seem to be getting a lot more traffic. All good content, so that's a win
* I read the forum in my email and reply on the forum. About 50-50 on my phone.
* Global internet traffic is [about 50% mobile](https://kommandotech.com/statistics/mobile-vs-desktop-usage/) (ok I just picked some random site, I couldn't find a more reputable source offhand, I'm on my phone)

So IMHO the people throwing absolutes around are wrong:

* clearly there is a significant portion of phone users (drh should have the exact proportion in the Fossil logs)
* clearly a desktop keyboard is better suited to writing about SQL
* clearly a big screen can show more information than a small screen
* clearly being able to read the forum anywhere is something people choose to do.