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Can a SQLite DB be accessed by another Computer?
> 1 - As I understand it SQLite is basically the "back end" ... right?

SQLite is an in-process library.  By itself, it does nothing.

 > 2 - No built in GUI... but accessible via the command line or custom code...  or some GUI app... right?

It is a library.  You need an application that calls the library in order for anything to "happen" at all.  This application may be "command line", a hooey-gooey, or even just a "thingimy of compiled code that runs with zero user interaction".

 > 3 - There are GUI apps for using SQLite like SQLite Studio or DB Browser (SQLite), and others... right?

Yes.  Anyone can write an application that uses the SQLite library.  Many such applications exist.

 > 4 - Would it be correct to call these GUI apps... in effect... a "Front End" for SQLite?

One could call a "glass" to hold "drinking water" a "GUI App for holding water in preparation for consumption", so I do not see why not.  You can call whatever you like whatever you want.

 > 5 - I understand that SQLite is not designed as a Client/Server DB like MySQL or others... but...

Correct.  SQLite is a library.  There is no reason that you could not write a "server application" that used the library, and that is accessed by a "client application" -- again, a number of people have done this already.

 > 5a - Can SQLite run on locally on a peer-to-peer network machine while allowing others on the peer-to-peer network to access the data via something like DB Browser or SQLite Studio, or some other "front end" app? (The question here is can family or others on your local peer-to-peer network get to the data from any computer on the local p2p network)

No.  You need an application because SQLite is merely a library which does nothing at all by itself.  However, you could write (or use already written) applications that include the SQLite library.

Like every other database in existance, the database file must be local in order to update it reliably.  You should be able to "READ" a remote database just fine (that is, if it is immutable).

 > 5b - Is there anyway to have it in a Google Drive folder so users can access the data from anywhere using something like DB Browser or SQLite Studio... or some other app? (In his case the concern is... can you get to the data from anywhere... or must you have the computer with you with SQLite & some Front End app installed to get to your data)

Yes, provided that the database files are immutable during access.

Note that this is pretty rudimentary.  Generally speaking, it the computer system and all its networking and filesystem operations are working properly, there should be no problem.  Finding a computer system which "works properly" is likely to be very difficult (if not impossible) however.