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Pre-release Versions of System.Data.SQLite packages?
> I started researching SpatialLite at the end of July this year and quickly realised that I needed to learn SQLite.

Agreed - Perfectly valid and good realisation.

> My first recourse is always Google Search; useful as it is, Google Search identifies hundreds of references that are irrelevant in any search. My platform is Windows and have been bitten innumerable times by code snippets that simply do not apply to Windows.
> There is ample SQLite documentation; there is very little that specifically simplifies platform considerations and very few (version specific) worked examples that a learner can readily reproduce.

Well, that is because you are chasing a red herring. SQLite is platform-independent. It's an Engine. It has no Platform. Looking for Platform-related help/code snippets/info will get you nowhere indeed.

In stark contrast with SQLite - ODBC very much IS platform dependent and xxx.Data.SQLite is programming-platform dependent. You would get much more relevant and helpful information from fora for those platforms.

> I have used this forum as a means to speed up the learning process; 

Yes, we know, that is precisely the rub.

> as I see it, during the learning process, there are no stupid questions just stupid answers, sometimes.

Stupid questions - no, irrelevant questions - yes.[1]  
The other problem is that it can be hard to tell the "stupid" answers and "brilliant" answers apart for those without a basic grounding in the subject, sometimes.

> I do not have (never have had) a single social media account - I cannot abide them.

That wins you some points in my book. :)

> CRUD is what I need and ODBC delivers. The point about my questions is simply to make sure that I am not oblivious of any vital considerations (known to other more experienced users of SQLite who might be happy to share their insight).

Genuine non-biased Experienced-user happily shared insight: You say CRUD is all you need, you care about app-footprint/size, and you are a Windows user: I'd say if you foresee that to remain the case throughout the intended project - go ODBC 100%.

Good luck!

[1] In case the relevance reference isn't immediately clear: Simply read this post and the previous in reply again, and then try to marry that to the Topic of this thread. How is a poor future researcher to find relevant answers to a search when we do this? :)