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Placeholder for table name when inserting data?
(I created account in the mean time) :-)

OK I understand the reason.

Question is, what are my options? One would be, that my script don't loop over and I use the same (data manipulation code) 100 times which goes against the coding practice: don't repeat yourself. Plus code would become verrrry long ;)

Is there any other solution, that I can implement in my Python code? I don't understand: "you build the query string in your calling code and prepare each version in turn" - I'm beginner in Python and I have never run SQLite commands alone. Only withing Python script, since storing data is just part of the bigger Python project.

Do you have any idea, how I could modify my sample code in my original post, to get this looping functionality working? I would really like to stop using *.CSV files and start using SQLite database if possible.