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Typo in Pikchr documentations
Richard, I asked you for your process to make the diagrams for SQLITE back in June. You graciously gave me a link to your process. I downloaded the stuff at the end of the link and worked on it for at least a month trying to get it to work. Alas, I was not smart enough to follow all the myriad threads to all the various tools and stopped trying before success.

I still have the need to create diagrams to document my software. Pikchr looks simple to use, is self-contained, and has no dependencies. So I took a look at the documentation to learn about it. I was ready to use it, but (one more alas) could not find pre-compiled executables. Creating an executable from a .c file is simple on linux but not simple on Windows 10 (which is my platform of choice). I will download it and probably use it. I get tired of just one more learning curve.

When I figure out how to compile it, is there a way to give it back to Pikchr to place in their /files folder? It probably needs version control with version numbers... Anyway, thanks for pointing the way to a valuable tool for my tool chest.