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How do create the neat flow diagrams for SQLite?
> I must be blind because I can find links to neither Tarball nor ZIP Archive on the page you referenced.

There's a Fossil feature that controls whether they're available to users not logged in or logged in as "anonymous." The capability to allow zip and tarball access is apparently not given to such users on that repo.

Until/unless drh changes that, you can clone the whole repo, giving you everything in the repo, including historical material:


sudo apt install fossil        # or download from fossil-scm.org, or...
mkdir ~/museum                 # where one keeps Fossils
fossil clone https://www.sqlite.org/docsrc ~/museum/sqlite-docsrc.fossil
mkdir -p ~/src/sqlite/docsrc/trunk
cd ~/src/sqlite/docsrc/trunk
fossil open ~/museum/sqlite-docsrc.fossil


The `~/src/sqlite/docsrc/trunk` directory structure allows for things like `~/src/sqlite/docsrc/2019-06-30` or `~/src/sqlite/sqlite3/trunk`. You could flatten it if you just want a single SQLite-related Fossil repo checkout.