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While I agree with everybody here that you and your staff have made an amazing work for years, I also agree with affected people that this is a significant inconvenience for some users, but a disaster for some others.

I've blindly upgraded by overwriting the previous DLL (I'm running a Windows-only scripting language which can only use a DLL) and now the fact that the encryption support has disappeared and that older versions are no more downloadable, I'm left with an number of unreadable DBs which represent more than 15 years of continuous hard work.

I can understand that you prefer to sell SEE to corps for megabucks (which you deserve without question) but self-employed individuals like me are just plain ruined. I'd prefer having died from COVID now.

Removing the support without any prior nor post notice wasn't fair nor consistent with your praised profile, since you knew what kind of havoc would result and even if that was a *world-known* undocumented feature.