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Documentation: list of addons and extras
I think extensions are covered well, but they are a minority of what the people I am picturing want.  And those people won't be looking at source code at that point, because they'd have to search the whole codebase, because they don't know what they're looking for yet.

My imagined users have an idea in their head of 'copy an active database' or 'quick word search' or 'interface with System.Data' or 'difference between two databases'.  They don't know the name SQLite uses for it, or whether they're looking for API calls, a loadable library, a utility program, or a VFS.  Just what they want done.

The page I'm thinking ofl would be "Here are links to 40 supported features you wouldn't stumble on when figuring out basic write/read/find.".  And it would links to all of these

* what unicode support is there ?
* fast text search
* System.Data and Android bindings
* the backup APi
* the checksum shim
* comparing two databases
* carray
* SQLite Database Analyzer
* json support

even though they are different kinds of things.  Because the person looking for features doesn't know enough to guess whether something is a VFS or a utility program.  Someone who has just got into SQLite runs their eye down that page of links once.  They might seize on something immediately, or a year later come up with a new requirement and remember that SQLite does it because they read it somewhere.