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Get SQLITE_READONLY when using UPDATE command
I will try all the things you have suggested. I do wonder if my problem is mostly caused by not using sqlite3_open_v2(). I will try it, but may have questions if this solves the problem.

As for the double \\. For strings that contain a single \, it must be escaped or when printed, a string like "i\t" would be printed as i followed by a tab. I don't think this is the problem. I do understand this, I just stated it poorly. 

But I did discover why when I moved the database to my user folder, it did not work. First, I did not have the file Included in the project, and second, it was not marked as Content for its properties in VS. Once I did both of those I did not get the E when I opened the database. I got a 0.

So I will make the temp folder my project folder, and try using sqlite3_open_v2() and see where that gets me. Thanks. I will post my results, good or bad.