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Pre-release Versions of System.Data.SQLite packages?
> ...instance of lost capability - can you provide an example, please?

- Add a User-defined function
- Load an external library for use in SQLite
- Open the DB in Read-Only mode
- Create a new DB file, among the normal ones, with custom page-Size, Character encoding and Auto-Vacuum mode
- Make a Backup of a DB file while it is open and in-use
- Create program Code, that works cross-platform on non-M$-Windoze environments
- Make a DB that is encrypted
- Control the SQLite version that is used

to name a few.

Note that most/all of these are what programmers needing a lot of control and customization and optimization powers would use, one could call it: "enthusiast" features.  
Most of the normal day-to-day CRUD stuff will work just fine and just as well via ODBC as on a normal wrapper/direct connection, and service most people's needs.

You seem to keep trying to find what is better - and restating what Larry demonstrated with an analogy that has hopefully less opportunity for confusion - that's like asking if you should rather use a Bus or a Motorcycle for travel?

The answer is not obvious. It depends very much: They both travel well enough, but

- How fast do you need to get there?
- How many people do you need to move?
- Do you need it to work off-road?
- Is lane-width restricted?  
etc. etc.

Simply put: ODBC will work fine for what it does if your needs are restricted to what it offers. With more "enthusiast needs", you need a more direct approach.

Hope that is more clear. :)