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Forum suggestion
I take your point Donald (and other posters above), but I think what Dominique (and myself) gets a bit miffed at (if I may be so bold as to speak on behalf) is that this list was moved from a mailing-list to a forum, in which nobody had a say much, and while we understand it's a needed change, and an ordained one, there is now also a moratorium.

Previously if there was something amiss in the mailing-list, it was discussed ON the mailing-list. 

Now we're forced to go seek advice/help/suggestions on another list which I don't subscribe to, to discuss taboo things that used to be perfectly in the scope of this list's discussions.

It's such a wild departure from the other override of allowing fully anon posting.
Like saying: 
"You can be more anonymous now, but no longer allowed to discuss things you used to discuss on this forum."

And yeah, I get it and have to abide by it, and my love for SQLite will take this  in stride - but kindly keep in mind when the smirky remarks are made, this is not so silly as it is made out to be.