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How to set the column separator for the CSV extension in the CLI?
File `ext/misc/csv.c` mentions support for separators other than ",". But I haven't found how to set the separator in the CLI. I tried `.separator "\t"` before `.load csv`, but the CSV extension seemingly ignores it when it creates a table with `CREATE VIRTUAL TABLE`.

Full replication (that doesn't work):

File `test_tsv.sql`:

.separator "\t"
.load csv
CREATE VIRTUAL TABLE temp.t1 USING csv(filename="sample.tsv");
.mode columns
.header on
select * from t1;

Tested with:

echo -e "col_text\tcol_int\nMary\t1\nJohn\t2" > sample.tsv
sqlite3 '' < test_tsv.sql


col_text        col_int
Mary    1              
John    2