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sqlite3_exec: the 3rd argument
Please just show the actual code of the callback and any other code you have in that project that ever touches the DB connection.

So far you've been experiencing some frustration feedback because your posts have all been:
"I have a black box, when I put this SQL into it, an egg comes out. Sometimes the egg is broken, specifically, the fourth egg - what is the problem?"

There are three possibilities - 

1. You are lying (unintentionally for sure) and your code does something that some C# programmer on here will recognize as the error.
2. Your code is perfectly fine but C# or the Wrapper does something weird, which someone on here can test easily when they can reproduce your code on their machines.
3. SQLite is broken since not many people use that specific interface and it may have gone unnoticed and your code has finally shown the error, in which case being able to set up your code on our side would help in letting us debug the problem and fix SQLite.

Can you see the general theme here? We need to see the code.
Your explanations may have felt complete to you because you are privy to your own code, but for us it is all staring at a black box and playing twenty questions with you to find the problem.

Fun as that is, the result will be much quicker when we can just see the code.

PS: It would be "nice" if you can whittle down the code to just a few lines that still produces the error, but we will be happy to look at it either way.