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Does table have rowid?
Thanks for elaborating further, Keith.

Which version of SQLite3 are you using? I can't reproduce the same template when I run your  queries: e.g. <i>pragma table_xinfo('employees');</i> does not include the <i>autoinc</i> column with v3.34.1.

>RE: select * from pragma_table_list;

What do the columns <b>eph ,ai , named,  shad</b> mean/indicate?

I assume <b>ro</b> means read only and 1 indicates true and 0 indicates false; if so,  why is it consistently 0 for 'view's?

>Re: pragma table_xinfo('sqlite_master');

The column <b>cid</b> is the ordinal position of the column; if so, what does -1 indicate?

>Re: pragma database_info;

Is <b>\_tz\_</b> an <i>attached</i> database?