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DROP COLUMN feature with indexes
> MySQL is still much more wide spread than Postgres ;)

Argument fallacy - Appeal to the masses.

SQLite is near infinitely more widespread than MySQL and Postgres put together. Should they be made to adopt the SQLite way of things?

I'm not advocating to use the Postgres way (even though I believe Postgres does work the way you are lobbying for, so *you* should advocate for it), I'm just saying if you are going to appeal to authority, appeal to Postgres in stead of MySQL, it's a much higher authority in the world of correct database principles.

PS: AS I've said many times before, I'm a big MySQL fan, it works mostly pretty fast and is easy to use, even in "strict" mode, which I religiously enable. For simple client-server projects I even prefer it over Postgres (shock, horror) but I'm not blind to its faults and it most certainly should not be held as the standard.