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System.Data.SQLite.Core for .Net

I do maintain a program written in Visual Basic and the project uses the NuGet package System.Data.SQLite.Core 1.0.112.

The code takes advantage of the ability to natively password protect a database on the System.Data.SQLLite provides. The following instruction is on the code and it works fine with the 1.0.112 version:


(SQLite_Log_DB_Password is a string in this case.)

However, if I upgrade to version the **".setPAssword"** method seems to be gone and I get and error from Visual Studio stating that The.setPassword is not part of the SQLiteConn class.

I am not sure what happened or where to get information about this as it seems to be a function not a lot of people use.

Does the new version remove the ability to natively to password protect a database? Does it do it differently? How?

Thanks in advance for any help?