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Select by column id
Your question is a bit confusing and I am not sure if people know just what you are asking, If you want to be able to name the column that will be the rowid, then when you declare the table, just make the column INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, and the name of the column can be used to access the primary key, as well as SQLite will not change by table manipulations (unless you directly change it). Note that a column so declared acts a bit differently than other integer columns, in that it can't be NULL or store a value that isn't an integer.

If you don't do this, then you can reference the rowid by several different names (like ROWID) assuming you haven't named some other column by that name. As was mentioned, one issue with this is that some operations can change this value, so you shouldn't be storing this number somewhere to find the record (the big advantage of declaring a column to be the INTEGER PRIMARY KEY.