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Create a trigger without a name, BUG?
> Unlike Dominique, I can't really see the "one would hope to error on" thing.

As Richard acknowledges himself, via the link he provided, the particular  
behavior here is both a *quirk* and *surprising*. Which amounts to *undesirable*  
in my book. Identifiers should **NOT** be allowed to be keywords, unless  
explicitly requested via double-quotes. This would catch this common enough  
mistake in triggers, that is even verbatim in the doc DRH linked to!

That it remains so for BC, I understand that. That there's no way to  
force SQLite to be stricter and less surprising less so... I'm well  
aware of the good reasons for this status quo to remain, but it doesn't  
mean I like it.

Regarding your `kill with fire`, that's undesirable hyperbole IMO.  
Linters, Assertions, Static Analysis, Fuzzers, etc... are all "nannies"  
as you seem to think, to prevent bugs for those who know humans make  
mistakes, and they don't need to be used by those that think so highly  
of themselves they think they don't need them. A safer and stricter mode  
for SQLite, catching the above *quirk*, would be an extremely welcome change.