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Help please importing data

i am new to this and want to find the difference between two tables.  The first table I envisage as just being numbers 1 to 4000,  I was going to either use a loop or import but I cannot do either.  I need this table to be import/created to a copy of a database I cannot corrupt.  

In summary I will create a table with numbers in from the original database and compare with this created table of numbers 1 to 4000.

I have the logic cracked but i need to create the 1 to 4000 table each time.  As I see it I have two choices.  Either attach another database with numbers 1 to 4000 in or import a csv file to a new table.  

The second option would be best but have failed both ways.  

Sorry if it is too basic or if it has been answered already

Any help would be appreciated