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WAL mode speed vs normal comparison
>>If you have a just one thread of one process of one program accessing the database, and a ton of memory and filespace free, WAL is significantly faster

>That's actually something I'd like to see proven somehow. 

This is the reason why I asked.  If the first point of the explanation of the WAL site states that it is faster in most scenarios, it would be nice to have a little side by side WAL vs Normal scenarios.  Where scenarios may be:

*  1 writer, 1 reader, 100K records,
*  1 writer, 5 readers, 100K records
*  2 writers, 10 readers, 100K records


*  simple write, search, and replace
*  semi-complex write, search, and replace
*  complex write, search and replace

with their appropriate response speed. A nice table like that would make people love it or super love it. :-) Just thinking out-loud...