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Hide rows in table1 if same value found in table2 ?
Thanks again Gunter.  I'm sorry but all that has gone right over my head.  Maybe I can try explaining it with pictures what I want to do ?

Please see https://imgur.com/a/d3nORtD.

The top pic is an example of my table1.

The middle pic is table2 and an example of what I want to do.  By entering ABC123 and FGH000 I want those 5 rows (3x ABC123 and 2x FGH000) to be hidden in table1 view.  The schema for both is TEXT for hex and callsign, date for date.  No PK set.  I can add additional stuff to table2 layout/schema if needed, but not to table1.

The 3rd pic is asking for what code I need in the box to make it happen.

I hope that is clearer?

Many thanks.