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sqlite write performance is slower than the filesystem

I wrote a little script (availlable [here](https://gist.github.com/bioinfornatics/2870d9e7dba192114f32ce8299796269)) to compare i/o perf sqlite vs raw tabulated file in python.

The result it is a big win for the raw text writer as it is 10 times faster than sqlite writer.

While sqlite claims to be [faster than the filesystem](https://www.sqlite.org/fasterthanfs.html).

Is it possible to speedup sqlite ?

As sqlite does not enforce the [length of a VARCHAR](https://sqlite.org/faq.html#q9) it seem that sqlite can not split rows to insert them by block by guessing the maxmimal size that can take a row. 

So If I use [SQLITE\_MAX\_LENGTH](https://sqlite.org/limits.html) does the sqlite engine will optimize prepared insert statement with the use of multithread ?

Thanks for your insight

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